Buying a Fireplace

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Fireplaces are the art of fire and heating. They’re an important part of today’s homes. There are a lot of interesting things and new features to learn about both wood burning and gas fireplaces. Choosing the right fireplace can be fun. Customers need to see them in person, set in front of them, relax, feel their radiant heat and watch them burn.

Fireplaces should be selected carefully, because they are very hard to change if the wrong choice is made. Some fireplaces are designed to be very efficient and environmentally green while others are designed to be very esthetically pleasing. We can help you decide what is right for your needs.

Fireplaces vary from being low cost, commodity appliances while others are spectacular in style and performance. Fireside has all the industry’s leading brands in one store, Including Fireplace Xtrordinair, Town & Country, Valor, Heat-N-Glo, and Valcourt fireplaces.