For 30 years Fireside has been Central Oregon’s largest fireplace and stove dealer. We have all the industry’s leading brands on display in one store. Our newly expanded showrooms are full of all the latest fireplace models and design trends.

Fireplaces are truly the art of fire and heat. Most homes are heated with central heating systems and floor registers. With fireplaces however, you can enjoy their beauty and radiant heat instead of warm air coming from floor registers. Fireplaces are major focal points in homes, yet some well designed homes are still being built with “commodity” fireplaces that look cheap, are inefficient, reduce home values and are difficult to upgrade. Today, there are many better choices in fireplaces that have dramatic styling, realistic detailing, are green, are very efficient and add value.

Today, good fireplaces typically cost less than 1% of a home’s value and add dramatically to the enjoyment and perceived value of homes. These fireplace brands include Fireplace Xtrordinair, Town & Country, Ortal, Heat-N-Glo, Avalon and Lopi. Fireside has all these brands available including models from entry level to the industry’s best.

Whether its living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, or outdoors, fireplaces can efficiently and dramatically make your home more enjoyable. Be sure to read the additional information about fireplaces on our website to help you make the best fireplace choices.