5 Simple Cleaning Tips for Your Gas Grill

Celebrate the return of warm weather and outdoor gatherings by dusting off the old barbecue and gearing up for a great season of grilling. Get your gas grill in prime working condition this summer with Fireside’s 5 Simple Cleaning Tips. 1. Clean the Grates & Grease Trap Avoid grease fires by regularly cleaning your grates and …read more

5 Ways You’re Grilling Burgers Wrong

Labor Day weekend is here! On the up-side it means a 3-day weekend, on the down-side it means that summer is coming to an end. So people typically like to celebrate by squeezing in one last big barbecue bash before we all head indoors to hibernate for the fall. And whether you’re personally hosting a get together or attending one, chances …read more

Cool Off & Save Money: Warm Weather Tips for Gas Fireplaces

During the hottest months of the year people are always looking for cost-effective ways to stay cool and comfortable in their homes. Owners of gas fireplaces or inserts might notice over the summer that their fireplace is creating additional heat in their home and that the glass door on their fireplace can be extremely warm to the touch. The reason being is …read more

6 Money Saving Tips To A More Efficient Wood Burning Stove

Fireside of Bend would like to share 6 great tips for a more efficient operating wood stove that will in turn save you time, money and pollute less. Every wood stove user can benefit from knowing more about their stove’s operation and many of these “tips” apply to wood burning fireplaces as well. 1. Keep your wood dry. …read more

Pro Grilling Tip of the Week: Seared Ahi Steaks

Ever eyed a picture of a perfectly grill-marked steak and wondered how you could achieve those results at home? This week, Fireside’s John S. shares his pro grilling tip: how to sear Ahi tuna steak on your gas grill for flavorful, juicy results. The object of grill-searing is to maintain a rare to medium-rare center …read more