All About Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are a convenient way to heat with wood, but they involve more advanced technologies. We’ve sold, installed and serviced hundreds of pellet stoves from different manufacturers, since their beginning in about 1987. Pellet stoves can provide great economy and warmth in homes but they need carefully planned installations.  Along with selling pellet stoves, Fireside can also provide you with professional installation and service. Our in-house service technicians are factory trained and certified to assure the highest quality and best possible installations are done. They also require regular maintenance if they are to provide reliable service. To learn more about all the advantages of pellet heating, check out:www.pelletheat.orgSave $100 on a new stove with a Fireside Stove Coupon!


Quadra Fire


It’s well known that our Harman and Quadra-Fire pellet stoves are the industry’s leading pellet stove brands. Industry data shows that they now build the vast majority of all pellet stoves sold and for good reason. Their products have been refined over the years to be industry leaders in reliability and low maintenance. Some products can be purchased on low price alone and provide years of acceptable service. Buying a pellet stove on lowest cost however can be very risky and frustrating for consumers.

After more than twenty years of selling, installing and servicing pellet stoves, we strongly believe that the three most important pellet stove features are reliability, reliability and reliability. Style  and convenience are also important, but reliability is the most important. So, as you would expect, many pellet stove brands have come and gone. A decade ago, Whitfield Pellet stoves were the industry leader. They’re no longer even made and have been replaced by Harman and Quadra-Fire pellet stove models.

Yes, pellet stoves do require electricity and in some cases, propane stoves are a better choice. At the same time, pellet stoves do provide significantly lower fuel costs and their environmental advantages are significant.

Being Green and Independence:  Amazingly, pellet stoves and inserts are one of the greenest ways to heat your home. They are carbon (CO2) neutral and don’t contribute to global warming. Wood pellets also are a renewable and sustainable energy source. And, best of all, they provide energy independence from foreign energy sources.

Harman Pellet Stoves: The Harman Stove Company has a long standing reputation of carefully building reliable pellet stoves. But, they’re not cheap. Neither are they perfect, nothing is. They’re just darn good pellet stoves. They use a reliable, patented cast iron side fuel feed system that reduces maintenance and provides improved reliability. Many Harman stoves automatically light themselves and automatically maintain the desired room temperature. Harman pellet stoves are also exceptionally quiet and efficient.

Quadra-Fire Pellet Stoves: This is a pellet stove brand that continues to excel. Fireside sold some of the first Quadra-Fire pellet stoves ever made, about20 years ago. They are the oldest pellet stove brand still in production and continue to be made in Colville Washington. The manufacturing facility has well designed, ISO 9001-2000 quality assurance procedures in place. Quadra-fire’s easy clean, ductile iron firepot, jamb free pellet feed and digital control systems have been constantly refined to become an industry leader in reliability and popularity. Quadra-Fire provides consumers with a large choice of pellet stove styles, features and heating capacities at very competitive prices. Their stoves are all automatic lighting and operate off an included wall thermostat.

Heatilator EcoChoice Pellet Stoves: EcoChoice pellet stoves were a new brand in 2010. They are an exciting, new stove line and are simply the best value in pellet stoves today. They’re designed to be lower cost and as simple as possible to make and operate, while having automatic ignition and wall thermostat operation. Are they the best looking pellet stoves made? Probably not, but they are nice looking pellet stoves. They’re actually built on the same production lines as Quadra-Fire pellet stoves and critical components are interchangeable with Quadra-Fire models. This provides proven quality assurance and product reliability while keeping manufacturing costs down.

Pellet Inserts

Fireplace inserts combine the best of both worlds: get the efficiency & minimal emissions of a stove, using the existing infrastructure & traditional beauty of your fireplace. Our inserts come in the same fuel types of our free-standing stoves: wood, gas, or pellet.