Fire pits definitely add a lot of flare to your outdoor living space. They create a very pleasant environment for relaxing and visiting with friends in the backyard or on your deck. They also provide pleasant radiant heat to take the chill off our cool Central Oregon evenings.

Fireside has an ample selection of popular fire pits, both gas and wood burning on display. We have been selling and installing fire pits in Central Oregon for many years. Additionally, we are a licensed and insured Oregon contractor and our personnel are licensed from the Oregon Fire Marshall’s Office to install and service propane fire pits. We can also provide the labor and material to extend your residential gas or propane lines so your fire pit is always ready to use.

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Fire Pit Types

There are numerous fire pit styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. A popular trend is for gas fire pits to be integrated into outdoor tables, creating a conversation area and elevating the fire. When choosing the right fire pit for your needs, the first decision to make is what fuel type to use. Here are your choices:

Propane Fire Pits: Propane fire pits can either use a standard portable propane tank, or be hard plumbed to your home’s propane service tank. Nearly all propane fire pits include a table which is designed to actually hide the propane tank under it. They can operate for several hours on one tank of fuel. Many designs also have battery powered electronic ignition and adjustable flame height. Additionally, they come with covers to keep water and debris out when they are not in use.

Natural Gas Fire Pits: Most all gas fire pits can be configured to burn natural gas. The advantage of using natural gas is that it eliminates the need to refill and handle portable propane tanks. Most designs have battery powered electronic ignition and adjustable flame height as well. Additionally, they come with covers to keep water and debris out when they are not in use.

Wood Burning Fire Pits: Wood burning fire pits are the traditional way to sit around a cozy, cracking fire and enjoy outdoor living. They obviously require constant maintenance to ensure fire safety. They provide the added advantage of being able to roast marshmallows and hot dogs on the coals. We sell both small wood burning fire pits and the world’s largest pre-fabricated wood burning fire pits. Many small wood burning fire pits can be used on wood or Trex® decks if proper fire protection is provided. The larger models need to be located directly on the dirt, pavers, concrete, or directly on the ground. They cannot be located on decks of any type.

Hybrid Fire Pits: Wood burning hybrid fire pits can also be configured to burn propane, or natural gas instead of wood. This requires the installation of some specialized plumbing components and a burner ring.