Our New Celebrity Hot Tubs!

Celebrity Hot tubs are a new brand of lower priced hot tubs built by Marquis. They may be lower priced, but they have many great features like waterfalls, LED surround lighting, head cushions, lots of jets and an amazing and affordable optional marine grade audio system. They are the best value in hot tubs today.
Celebrity - New Hot Tub Line
They’re priced from $3999 to $5295 here at Fireside. They seat from five to seven people, depending on the model. Not only are they made in the USA, they’re made right here in Oregon and on the same assembly line that quality Marquis hot tubs have been made for 25 years. While they are made for the American market, they also meet European standards for use throughout Europe.

So, add a little celebrity status to your lifestyle with a Celebrity Hot Tub™. Whether you want to relax alone, catch up with the kids, romance your love or party the night away, a Celebrity Hot Tub is the place to be. Quality built and designed to perform, your Celebrity Hot Tub will play a leading role in your life, encore after encore. Celebrate, and drop in for some fun! You can find them all at CelebrityHotTubs.com. Then, come into Fireside and see them in person! You will be impressed!