The New Face of Fireplaces

You needn’t look further than Fireside in Bend to find out: Today’s fireplaces are breaking out of their traditional brick and mortar mold, and breaking down the stereotype of being “not eco-friendly”. The new face of fireplaces combines contemporary design with innovative technology that provides an eco-friendly heating solution for […] Read more »

Lamb Burgers with Mint and Tzatziki

Be adventurous this grilling season! Move beyond your traditional burger, and try something new on the grill: Lamb Burgers with Mint and Tzatziki. It’s unlike any burger you’ve ever had. The meat is so vibrantly flavorful…topped with a cool and refreshing mint tzatkiki sauce, it’s a Mediterranean spin on an American classic. Serve these burgers […] Read more »

St. Patty Cheeseburgers with Cabbage on Rye

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day we are trying out a new tradition with an “Irish Burger”.  The combination of bacon and beef makes for a juicy burger oozing with savory charisma. Caraway seeds from a traditional rye bread add a sharp, tangy taste that pairs well with melted cheese and ground beef. These burgers […] Read more »

Buffalo Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing

There has never been a better way to eat your veggies! We take a classic appetizer and transform it into an irresistible and healthy Buffalo Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing. Enjoy the delicious flavor of buffalo chicken wings without all the fat or grease. Layer the salad up with all your favorite vegetables, and […] Read more »

Sweet and Spicy Baby Back Ribs

Is the nice weather outside getting you excited to grill? Well, this sweet and spicy recipe for baby back ribs make the perfect dish for grilling get-togethers. The tender meat just falls off the bone, and your friends and family will devour them in no time. The mouthwatering ribs get […] Read more »