Traditional open, wood burning fireplaces have been featured in human living areas for thousands of years. However, a second type of wood burning fireplace has only been available for about twenty years. This is called a clean burning fireplace. Clean burning fireplaces are many times more efficient and dramatically more clean burning than the traditional design. Both designs have advantages.

All wood burning fireplaces are installation sensitive because they are natural drafting. They can be hard to start or seem to spill smoke when they have not been located properly in the home. Fireplace manufacturers got together with the national fireplace trade association, HPBA, to prepare “Best Practices for Wood Burning Fireplace Installation”. The document helps designers properly locate wood burning fireplaces in homes.  Be sure to follow all the document’s guidelines when locating your wood burning fireplace:

Wood burning fireplaces fall into the following categories:

Open, Traditional Metal Fireplaces
Open, Traditional Masonry Fireplaces
Clean Burning, Open fireplaces (new)
Clean Burning, Closed fireplaces

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Leading wood burning fireplace brands include:

 Fireplace Xtrordinair




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