How to Build a Hot Fire – Without Kindling

Forget the kindling and newspaper… Get a hot, bright burning fire in just under a few minutes. Accomplish something the whole household can appreciate. The quality of radiant heat that a wood stove gives off, is hands down the biggest advantage for homeowners with wood burning stove. Get your home toasty in no time! Check out …read more

Winter Power Outage: Emergency Heating Sources

How prepared are you for a power outage this winter? When temperatures drop below freezing, a power outage in the dead of winter can be dangerous for homes with an electric furnace as the only heat source. Read on to find out which stoves and fireplaces work best in the event of a winter emergency! Wood Stoves Wood stoves are a …read more

Earthquakes & Wood Stoves

Are you prepared in the event of a natural disaster? Earthquakes & Wood Stoves might not sound like they have a lot in common, but a wood stove can be a real life saver in the event of a massive earthquake, or catastrophe. In fact some scientists say that a “mega-quake” along the California and Oregon …read more

New Stoves Get Even Cleaner

Future wood stoves will be even cleaner burning and even more efficient in the next few years. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be issuing new emissions regulations that will be phased in during the next 5 years that will limit their particulate emissions 1.3 gm. per hr. That’s about the same amount of particulate …read more

Those Lovable Wood Stoves – Secrets that make them heat better and smoke less.

Do you want to save money, pollute less and enjoy your time at home more? Who doesn’t? Yes, there are a number of “secrets” that will make wood stoves operate better, save money, pollute less and be more enjoyable. Most every wood stove user can benefit from knowing more about their stove’s operation. Many of …read more