Finding the Perfect Match: How to Choose the Right Fuel Type

Heating a home with wood has long been the tradition here in Central Oregon. Many homeowners still use wood because it’s simply the cheapest way to heat. However, heating with wood isn’t for everyone and some homeowners may prefer the convenience of a gas stove or the efficiency of a pellet stove. So how do you know which …read more

Christmas Gift Ideas at Fireside

When it comes to buying Christmas gifts this year, shop outside the big box. Gift ideas, big or small, Fireside has it all: whether it’s a new barbecue and grilling accessories for the food lover in your life or a gift the whole family can enjoy like a brand new Marquis hot tub. Fireside has something for everyone including, a large …read more

Winter Power Outage: Emergency Heating Sources

How prepared are you for a power outage this winter? When temperatures drop below freezing, a power outage in the dead of winter can be dangerous for homes with an electric furnace as the only heat source. Read on to find out which stoves and fireplaces work best in the event of a winter emergency! Wood Stoves Wood stoves are a …read more