Top 5 Outdoor Design Trends of 2018

2018 Outdoor Design Trends

The season of outdoor fun and entertaining is back! Whether it’s an intimate balcony or a spacious backyard, Fireside wants to help you create the perfect outdoor living space. So get ready to get inspired with our top 5 picks of outdoor design trends for 2018. Comfortable Furniture. This summer, people are bringing the comforts …read more

What’s So Innovative About Outdoor Living?

Well, there’s no question about it… the technology and engineering of outdoor living spaces have come a long ways. Gone are the days of moldy patio furniture, messy fire pits and boring old patio umbrellas. Manufacturers are constantly coming up with innovative solutions by designing more durable and longer lasting products. So, what’s new? Furniture …read more

How to Landscape Your Hot Tub in Central Oregon

When you purchase a hot tub you’re making an investment in both your physical and mental health. When you landscape your hot tub in an attractive, low-maintenance manner you’re making an investment in your real estate that will continue to improve over time. By incorporating a variety of plants that thrive in our Central Oregon …read more

Trending Now – Outdoor Furniture

The current popular trend in outdoor furniture is transforming your backyard into an outdoor living room with comfortable seating and contemporary designs. The sofas, love seats and chairs look similar to the ones you have in your living room, except these are designed to take the weather, and cleaning is as easy as hosing them off! The quality and craftsmanship of today’s outdoor …read more