Old Fireplaces Are Exhausting! Get a Fireplace Insert

Conventional, masonry-style fireplaces are exhausting! And not just a little bit. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a conventional fireplace exhausts up as much as 24,000 cubic feet of air per hour. So any heated air in the home is then drawn p and out of the house through the chimney. Consequently, forcing the …read more

5 Simple Cleaning Tips for Your Gas Grill

Celebrate the return of warm weather and outdoor gatherings by dusting off the old barbecue and gearing up for a great season of grilling. Get your gas grill in prime working condition this summer with Fireside’s 5 Simple Cleaning Tips. 1. Clean the Grates & Grease Trap Avoid grease fires by regularly cleaning your grates and …read more

Fire Pit Personality Test

The relaxing effects of sitting around a mesmerizing fire has been something people have enjoyed since the beginning of mankind. A fire provides not only warmth, ambient light and relaxation, it also provides a great place to create and develop social connections. Today, people are still fascinated with a dancing fire and with the growing …read more

The New Face of Fireplaces

You needn’t look further than Fireside in Bend to find out: Today’s fireplaces are breaking out of their traditional brick and mortar mold, and breaking down the stereotype of being “not eco-friendly”. The new face of fireplaces combines contemporary design with innovative technology that provides an eco-friendly heating solution for today’s homeowner.Bend contractor Greg Welch …read more

This Ain’t Your Uncle’s Old House No More

Contemporary gas fireplaces are not limited to ultra modern architecture. In fact, some of the most striking fireplace usage involves the use of a contemporary fireplace in a more traditional home. The real beauty of using a contemporary fireplace is that it makes any room appear very new and eye catching. So, if you want …read more

Is It… Love or Hate?
Remote thermostats for gas fireplaces, stoves and inserts

These days, hearth products like gas fireplaces, gas stoves and gas inserts have remote controls for doing all kinds of things. Not only can they turn gas hearth products on and off, but many have: • Built in programmable thermostats • Programmable set back temperatures and times • Fan speed control • Flame height adjustment • Automatic …read more

Gas Fireplace Safety Just How Hazardous Are Their Glass Faces?

Most gas fireplaces have fixed glass surfaces that are hot and can radiate a lot of heat into the living space. These surfaces may be 500 F during their operation and can stay hot well after the fire is out. These temperatures can certainly cause burns, particularly on the tender hands of infants. Older children and …read more