Old Fireplaces Are Exhausting! Get a Fireplace Insert

Conventional, masonry-style fireplaces are exhausting! And not just a little bit. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a conventional fireplace exhausts up as much as 24,000 cubic feet of air per hour. So any heated air in the home is then drawn p and out of the house through the chimney. Consequently, forcing the …read more

Christmas Gift Ideas at Fireside

When it comes to buying Christmas gifts this year, shop outside the big box. Gift ideas, big or small, Fireside has it all: whether it’s a new barbecue and grilling accessories for the food lover in your life or a gift the whole family can enjoy like a brand new Marquis hot tub. Fireside has something for everyone including, a large …read more

Winter Power Outage: Emergency Heating Sources

How prepared are you for a power outage this winter? When temperatures drop below freezing, a power outage in the dead of winter can be dangerous for homes with an electric furnace as the only heat source. Read on to find out which stoves and fireplaces work best in the event of a winter emergency! Wood Stoves Wood stoves are a …read more

Valcourt FP11 Fireplace

Introducing the environmentally friendly fireplace of your dreams! The Valcourt FP11 Fireplace is Fireside’s newest, largest, clean-burning fireplace. This beautiful fireplace is unique because it has a guillotine door that raises vertically allowing you to easily load wood on the fire and the guillotine firescreen enables you to enjoy the crackling of an open fire …read more

The 5 Best Building Practices When Installing Wood Burning Stoves & Fireplaces

When building a new home you may want to consider including one of the most popular amenities: a wood burning fireplace or wood stove. Not only will a wood burning fireplace or wood stove provide a luxurious look and the practical benefit of warmth, but it can also add to the value of your home. Fireside shares the 5 …read more

Is It… Love or Hate?
Remote thermostats for gas fireplaces, stoves and inserts

These days, hearth products like gas fireplaces, gas stoves and gas inserts have remote controls for doing all kinds of things. Not only can they turn gas hearth products on and off, but many have: • Built in programmable thermostats • Programmable set back temperatures and times • Fan speed control • Flame height adjustment • Automatic …read more

Gas Fireplace Safety Just How Hazardous Are Their Glass Faces?

Most gas fireplaces have fixed glass surfaces that are hot and can radiate a lot of heat into the living space. These surfaces may be 500 F during their operation and can stay hot well after the fire is out. These temperatures can certainly cause burns, particularly on the tender hands of infants. Older children and …read more