The Latest Design Trends for Outdoor Fire Pits

The latest outdoor trends in fire pits, bring the indoors outside. Create a space that’s functional and fashionable. The latest outside trends reflect the most popular interior styles. Check out the modern, industrial and farmhouse fire pit tables from Outdoor Greenroom. MODERN This modern design combines clean lines, raw materials, and soft features. It typically features structural elements too. From neutral tones, and exposed …read more

Fire Pit Personality Test

The relaxing effects of sitting around a mesmerizing fire has been something people have enjoyed since the beginning of mankind. A fire provides not only warmth, ambient light and relaxation, it also provides a great place to create and develop social connections. Today, people are still fascinated with a dancing fire and with the growing …read more

How to Landscape Your Hot Tub in Central Oregon

When you purchase a hot tub you’re making an investment in both your physical and mental health. When you landscape your hot tub in an attractive, low-maintenance manner you’re making an investment in your real estate that will continue to improve over time. By incorporating a variety of plants that thrive in our Central Oregon …read more