Spa Chemicals

We carry a very large selection of water maintenance chemicals and sanitizers from different manufacturers, including systems for minimizing harsh chemical additives. We have great prices on our spa chemicals because we want you to have sparkling clear spa water. If you are having problems properly maintaining your spa water, be sure to stop in and have us help you.

Spa Filters

We have hundreds of spa filters in stock for most the major spa brand models. There are dozens of different sizes and shapes. Be sure to bring in your old filter so we can make sure that you purchase the correct one. If we don’t have your in stock, we can usually get it for you in a few days.

Spa Covers

Old spa covers are very heavy and are poor insulators because they become water filled. We have spa covers available for about every spa ever made. Each cover does need to be custom made because of the many different dimensions involved. We can come to your home and do the measuring, bring out and install your new cover and dispose of the old one for you. We can also let you do the measuring and installation and you can save some money. Be sure to come by the store and talk to us about your cover needs.

Spa Cover Lifters

Cover lifters are a great addition to any spa. They make it very easy to remove and reinstall your cover. They usually mount to your spa. There are several different sizes and prices, depending on your specific needs. Come by the store and we will help you select the best model for your specific situation. Most customers prefer that we do the installation.