We provide full service and parts for all the grill models that we have sold. We also have replacement parts for most any grill brand and model. If you need parts for a grill that you did not purchase from us, we can usually get the part that you need. There are literally a million grill replacement parts, so we cannot stock many of them. The quickest way is for you to identify the part, or parts you need at our supplier’s website and bring that information to us at Fireside. We’ll order the part and call you when it is here.

  1. Identify your grill brand and model
  2. Go to the following website: http://www.musiccitymetals.net/
  3. Locate the needed parts on our supplier’s website
  4. Bring us a copy of the page that lists your part(s)
  5. Order your part(s) here at Fireside
  6. Pick up your part(s) when we call you