All About Gas Stoves

Natural gas and propane stoves (and fireplace inserts) have become very popular in the last few years because they’re very convenient and economical to operate. Along with selling gas stoves, Fireside can also provide you with professional installation and service. Our in-house service technicians are factory trained and certified to assure the highest quality and best possible installations are done. The best gas stoves now have unbelievable realism in the way the flames look and the logs glow while maintaining high efficiency. Save $100 on a new stove with a Fireside Stove Coupon!



Blaze King

Heat & Glo 

Saving Money and Efficiency: Different gas stoves and inserts do have small differences in efficiency, but they all provide a significant efficiency and cost saving advantage over central gas heating. The savings come from the fact that unlike central heating, gas stoves do not have “duct” heat losses. Instead, they put the heat directly into living space. Central heating duct losses can be as large as 25 to 40%. Additionally, gas stoves are zone heaters and do waste energy by overheating unoccupied living space.

Some good information: There are dramatic differences in the way different brands and models of stoves look when they burn, their durability, their styling, their venting and how particular models will actually perform in your home. Your stove will probably be in your home for 25 years, so it’s an important decision to make. We have the largest selection in Oregon of the industry’s leading gas stoves. While you are at Fireside we can discuss their specific sizing and venting requirements, safety clearance needs and gas line installation details. The best way to find the best stove for you is to drop by Fireside, check them all out and discuss your needs with us.

Gas Inserts

Fireplace inserts combine the best of both worlds: get the efficiency & minimal emissions of a stove, using the existing infrastructure & traditional beauty of your fireplace. Our inserts come in the same fuel types of our free-standing stoves: wood, gas, or pellet.