Weber Grills

What about those Weber gas grills? To start with, Weber grills are obviously the brand that everyone knows. The Weber Genesis and Summit series grills are made in the U.S. These grills provide great value to consumers. We have a nice selection of these grills for you to choose from. Choices include stainless, or porcelain enamel colors, infrared rotisseries, Sear Stations®, 3, 4 or 6 main burners, side burners, LED night lights and more.

These Weber Genesis and Summit grills are very durable and provide all the features that everyone wants. Maybe that’s why they’re so popular. Of course you get a great looking grill with double doors, easy to light burners and strong side shelves. One of the nicest, new features is the optional Sear Station® burner. It’s a reliable, space saving design that provides high temperature steak searing, while not requiring that a large part of the grill is a dedicated infrared burner for steak searing only.

And best of all, at Fireside we meet the big box prices on Weber gas grills!
All the Weber grills, including their charcoal models can be seen at:

Twin Eagles and Delta Heat Grills

Twin Eagles has been setting the industry standard for the best designed and best built grills and accessory pieces. Our Twin Eagles grills are the signature line of grills and accessories by award winning designer Dante Cantal. Dante has developed cooking systems for many of the restaurants and hotels you visit nationally, along with appliances and barbecue creations used in and outside the home today.  Their seamless European styling and unique grilling system combined with Twin Eagles commercial quality construction will give you the style, performance and quality you’ll be proud to own. With over twenty five years of dedication behind every product, Twin Eagles is committed to bringing you and your family timeless enjoyment.

Founded in 2000 by Dante Cantal, Twin Eagles has become a leader in high-end domestic, commercial, and outdoor cooking appliance industry. They’re committed to meet the challenges of an ever-changing market and ongoing consumer needs. Twin Eagles are American made and are providing the highest quality, most technological advanced, and user friendly appliances available anywhere in both their Pinnacle Series grills and their outdoor kitchen accessories

Note: Be sure to visit the Twin Eagles website and turn the sound on. There are a couple of informative videos and a lot of good information.

Click images to see larger pictures of Twin Eagles barbecue installations


Additional Twin Eagles Outdoor Kitchen Appliances:

In addition to the normal doors and drawers for outdoor kitchens, here are some of the unique Twin Eagles appliances that will set off any outdoor kitchen and make it special:

Warming Drawer

Dine & Breakfast Club

Outdoor Bar

Salaman Grill

Paper Towel Drawer
with Towel Bar
Margarita Center

Whether you are in the market for a quality grill at an affordable price, or need the appliances for a complete outdoor kitchen, be sure to stop by Fireside and talk grills with us.  Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the right grill for your needs.