Today there are many different types of gas fireplaces, traditional to contemporary. The better quality models have very realistic flames, logs and a high quality appearance. There are also inexpensive, plain, commodity models with marginal appearance and weak, unrealistic flames.

The industry’s best known, quality brands are Fireplace XtrordinairHeat-N-Glo and Town & Country , each brand having different advantages. Lopi and Avalon gas fireplaces are built with common Fireplace Xtrordinair components, but offer different styling. Heatilator has always been a higher volume brand, but has recently developed some great new fireplaces including their exceptional, new “Crave” series of linear fireplaces. Ortal Heating Solutions specializes in premium, linear fireplaces and has an impressive number of models and styles to choose from.

All the above brands and their many different models are available at Fireside. Fireside usually has about 25 burning fireplace models to see and feel. In fact Fireside has more quality burning models on display than anywhere else in Oregon.

Many of our gas fireplaces are high efficiency, direct vent models that have electronic (IPI) ignition, which eliminates the need for standing pilots and conserves energy relative to older low efficiency models with standing pilots. There is no wasted heat from “standing pilots” during the summer months. They can also provide more overall efficiency than  central heating systems because they don’t heat areas not being used and there is no heat loss through ducts.

Gas fireplaces are extremely convenient to operate. Just set the thermostat and forget, or use the remote control to adjust heating, lighting and fan speed.

Gas fireplace models are now available for every room in your house. Today, new gas fireplaces have the added feature of safety screens to reduce the chance of burns.

So where do you start in choosing the best gas fireplace for you? Here are some basic questions you will want to ask when choosing the best model:

  1. How efficient should it be?
  2. Should it be traditional or contemporary looking?
  3. How big should its opening be?
  4. How well designed and realistic should it look?

One of the latest trends is the contemporary looking, linear fireplaces. Contemporary fireplaces are even becoming popular in traditional settings. We now have dozens of linear models from the manufacturers Heat & Glo, Heatilator, Xtrordinair, Town & Country and Ortal.
Useful videos:
Operating a Gas Fireplace
Zone Heating Technology by Fireplace Xtrordinair
Direct Vent Technology by Heat & Glo
Crave Direct Vent Technology by Heatilator
Mezzo Gas Fireplace by Heat & Glo
Leading gas fireplace brands include:
Heat-N-Glo | Fireplace Xtrordinair | Town & Country | Ortal Heatilator | Lopi | Avalon |