Venting and Chimney: 

Fireside typically has all of the necessary venting components in stock to get your job done right! Whether it’s a wood, gas or pellet stove, insert, or fireplace, Fireside has a large selection of venting and chimney components in stock from chimney caps to complete wood stove chimney systems. Fireside stocks dozens of chimney systems from 4” pellet vent to all sizes of gas direct vent to 6, 7 and 8” wood stove chimney and many different kinds of chimney caps. Stop by Fireside today and let us help you with your venting needs.

The most important part of chimney systems is knowing which parts are needed for your specific installation. The last thing you want to do is to install an unsafe system because someone thought they knew how to do it. Fireside can provide you with complete manufacturer requirements for proper chimney installation and help you select the proper components.

Chimney installations can be complex. We have helped people with proper chimney installations for almost 40 years. There are many ways to improperly install chimney systems and risk burning your house down. The proper way is to first get a mechanical building permit so there is a record of a correct installation. It’s the best “insurance” you can buy. Then, find out how the manufacturer states that their components should be installed for your situation so you will purchase and install the correct ones.