Gas Fireplaces for Bend, Oregon and all of Central Oregon

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There now are many different types of gas fireplaces to choose from. There are many spectacular models with lots of features and gorgeous looks. There are also plain, commodity models with marginal appearance and weak, unrealistic flames. Gas fireplaces do have advantages over wood burning fireplaces. They are extremely convenient to operate. Just set the thermostat and forget. Gas fireplaces can actually provide more overall efficiency than central heating systems. Gas fireplaces models are now available for every room in your home.

Heat-N-Glo is the originator of modern, direct vent gas fireplaces. Their first direct vent gas fireplaces back in 1987 amazed everyone. Heat-N-Glo has continued to be the innovator and the gas fireplace leader. More recently, Heat-N-Glo was the first gas fireplace manufacturer to completely convert their many gas fireplace models from “standing pilot” to an energy saving “electronic ignition” system called Intermittent-Pilot-Ignition (IPI).

This one change is conserving millions of cubic feet of natural gas and propane each year and it did not measurably increase the cost of Heat-N-Glo fireplaces. Not only does this provide a measurable cost savings to consumers, it was the single “greenest” improvement in fireplaces in the last decade. Today, most other fireplace manufacturers are still trying to catch up.

Gas fireplaces are available in a wide range of efficiencies. Why would someone want a lower efficiency gas fireplace? The most realistic gas fireplaces have tall, beautiful flames because they are designed to burn more fuel. But, too much heat in a room can make the fireplace unusable for an entire evening. So the solution is to reduce efficiency somewhat and a gas fireplace with tall, beautiful flames can be operated for longer periods of time.

Gas fireplaces can be green even though they burn fossil fuel. A complete explanation of green fireplaces can be found at: Green gas fireplaces are high efficiency, direct vent models that have electronic (IPI) ignition, which eliminates the need for standing pilots and conserves much energy relative to low efficiency models with standing pilots. The IPI ignition system also reduces air conditioning loads because there is no wasted heat from “standing pilots” going into homes during the summer months.

Good looking fireplaces add value to homes, are full of features and are very enjoyable to be around. These fireplaces do cost more and do have to be seen in person to begin to appreciate their real value in your home.

Leading gas fireplace brands include
Fireplace Xtrordinair |   Town & Country |  Valor |   Heat-N-Glo |  Avalon |  Lopi.

Fireside has all these brands available and on display, including models from entry level to the industry’s best.