Exercise and Swim Spas

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Pool & Gym Combined

More than a swim spa, Aquatic Fitness Systems spas, made by Dimension One, combine the benefits of an endless pool and a fully equipped gym. Swim against a current of water heated at the optimum temperature for water exercise, then complete your workout with aquatic exercises like water aerobics, water jogging, and water weight lifting.

A Complete Workout

Aquatic Fitness Systems Spas come equipped with everything you need to perform a full range of aquatic exercises –walking, running, stretching, rowing, strength training. The spas are engineered to allow a full range of motion while you swim and exercise, while fitting easily on your deck or patio. Contact info@bendfireside.com for a free full-length water exercise DVD demonstrating the full range of water exercises these swim spas offer.

Health Benefits

Swimming is widely acknowledged to be one of the best exercises for overall health, helping you meet a range of fitness goals. Studies show that swimming can slow down the aging process by upwards of 20%, improving muscle mass, bone density, cardiovascular activity and neurological function.

Water exercise is also an excellent way for those suffering from back pain or arthritis to stay fit. Here’s why: water supports body weight, which encourages free movement and allows for a full workout that is easy on joints.

Requesting More Information

Call or email Fireside to learn more about the available four models, and choose the exercise and swim spa that suits your needs best. You can also email us at info@bendfireside.com to request a DVD or schedule a private in-store spa test.


Great Swim Spa Video by Aquatic Fitness Systems